The Art of the Pivot – Introducing Ramble Chat

Introducing Ramble Chat from Atlanta Tech Village.

Founders Jason Deegan and Steve Smithwick spent the last several years developing sophisticated web engagement tools – chat, voice and video for Teledini. But, they struggled to get traction for several reasons. They could get customers to sign-up but couldn’t get them to install the technology. They thought the process was simple and straight-forward, but their results showed otherwise. This is an all too often startup story.

Instead of giving up, they decided to focus on the problem. How could they make something complicated simple? Through that thought process they ended up inventing link invoked multi-channel communication. Their solution allows chat, voice and video to be invoked from anywhere on the web with just a link.

Jason and Steve stripped all the complicated elements out of Teledini and built a new product that is truly simple. This new approach deserved a new brand and Ramble was successfully launched with a killer rooftop party at the Village. Learn more from Steve below.

What is Ramble Chat?

Ramble is a free app that allows you to chat in real time from anywhere on the web. In less than 2 minutes, you can sign up and claim your own vanity link: Your link can be placed anywhere on the web where you want to connect to a new audience: your website, blog, social media profile, banner ad, email campaign, Zillow, eBay, etc.

Your prospect simply clicks your link and instantly requests a live chat with you. Ramble alerts you on your smartphone, tablet or computer that you have an incoming chat and gives you valuable data about the prospect requesting the chat. If you can paste a link in it, you can Ramble from it.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Studies show that if you can connect with a prospect at the moment you capture their interest, your probability of selling them improves by as much as 70%. Offering live chat is a great way to instantly connect with the audience you are trying to reach. Web users are comfortable with chat and it is easy to use.

In the past, only larger businesses could afford to install and support live chat services on their website. Ramble Chat is a super simple and free way for anyone to take advantage of the benefits live chat offers. Unlike any other solution on the market, Ramble’s patent pending technology not only works on your website, but everywhere else you have a presence on the web.

Why is Ramble Chat free and will it stay that way?

Chat will stay free. We want to focus on mass user adoption. To do that, we believe you must take all the barriers away from users signing up. We made the product reliable, valuable and deadly simple to get, deploy, and use. Giving it away is the icing on the cake that we believe could disrupt the market.

This is a product that anyone trying to market anything on the web should take advantage of. Many of the best products offered by the most successful companies on the web are free. We have already developed additional technologies and features we can offer as paid options in the future.

Any words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs?

Ramble hasn’t succeeded yet, so we aren’t really qualified to offer words of wisdom. If pressed though, we would probably say that you can’t quit. You have to keep swinging at the ball. You can’t hit home runs from the dugout.

What’s next?

There is a poster hanging in one of the phone rooms on the 2nd floor of the Atlanta Tech Village that says, “First make it work, then make it better”. We took that to heart. Ramble works and works well. Now we’ll constantly make it better while focusing on getting as many users as we can as quick as we can.

You can download our free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can also sign up for free at

Ramble On. Anything.

Founders Jason and Steve launched Ramble with a rooftop party.

Rooftop Launch Party at Atlanta Tech Village