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Golden Seeds Office Hours

Golden Seeds Silicon Valley Office Hours Office Hours are open to female founders and/or C-Level Executives and their founding team members. (Please limit to (2) people max per company). Golden Seeds Atlanta Office Hours Golden... Learn more


The e-Team operates as an entrepreneurs’ support group, providing a practical business incubator environment “where fellow entrepreneurs come to share the energy and experiences of their start-ups. Participating in the e-Team promotes a conducive setting... Learn more

Wireless Technology Forum

The Wireless Technology Forum is dedicated to the fast-paced and rapidly evolving wireless and mobile industry. The association is a platform for industry professionals to learn about the business of emerging wireless and mobile technologies,... Learn more

Startup Chowdown

Our Fridays are full of serendipitous interactions and we're inviting you to join! You don't have to be an Atlanta Tech Village member to share a meal with fellow innovators, entrepreneurs, and other cool people doing cool things! Atlanta... Learn more

Pitch Practice

Everyone needs to sharpen their spiel. Come to Pitch Practice every Friday after Startup Chowdown to practice and get feedback from peers. Learn more here, and come on down to practice! Pitch Practice is launching a podcast... Learn more

Goodie Innovation Pre-Accelerator Demo Night: Hack The Violence

Goodie Innovation Pre-Accelerator Demo Night is like graduation: half presentation + half celebration. Join tech and mission-driven, influencers, professionals, community organizers, passionate people, family, and friends as teams in our Hack The Violence social impact pre-accelerator showcase... Learn more

Civic Hack Night

Civic Hack Nights are all about getting stuff done. We start off by learning about civic projects attendees have brought and then divide ourselves into small groups to get to work. We also organize a... Learn more

Idea Stage SaaS Meetup

Do you have an idea? Are you already working on the next BIG thing? Want to start a new venture in the next six months? Join us for our Idea Stage SaaS Meetup at Atlanta Tech... Learn more