Startup Office Space Pricing

as your startup grows

Atlanta Tech Village has a scalable pricing solution that can fit any company. Whether your business is small and just starting out or in full bloom with under 30 employees, the Village has pricing that will fit your needs.

Hot Desk


Per Month

Hot desks are any desk in the village that are available that day. Hot desks are not guaranteed and are first come first serve.

Reserved Desk


Per Month

Our reserve desk members have a designated desk, parking spot availability and access to receive mail at the Village.

2+ Person Offices


Per Month

Office space members have their own private offices with parking spot availability and access to receive mail at the village.

Spend A Day At The Village


Scholarships are available to reduce or eliminate membership fees in the Atlanta Tech Village. Scholarships are available for young companies, social enterprise, students, and companies that show a strong commitment to the Core Values of the Village. To apply for a scholarship, complete the application at the link below. We run all applications through F6S. You must first sign in to F6S. Be sure to answer all questions! You will receive feedback within a couple days.