How Fast is our Wifi?

Being a tech hub, we often get the obvious question- “So how fast is your internet?” Well, it’s pretty darn fast.

Working closely with Ripple  (our official in house IT provider) and an incredible sponsorship with Cbeyond, we have some of the fastest wifi in all of the Southeast, clocking in with a maximum possible WiFi speed of 900mbps! Of course, those resources are shared so most folks, most of the time, will see speeds around 300mbps. Still pretty awesome!

Ready to geek out? Here’s how we do it: We have 1.4 Gbps of fiber optic internet bandwidth from 2 major internet service providers (ISPs). Once inside the building we have Cat6 Ethernet and top of the line Meraki gear end to end: firewall, gigabit switches on every floor and enough dual-band, multi-radio access points to provide VoIP-quality WiFi throughout the building.

This means that Atlanta Tech Villagers will enjoy a super fast, low latency internet connection all the time, even when there are 300+ people in the event space (also enjoying super fast, low latency bandwidth) and 25+ folks streaming music over WiFi at the coffee shop.

So how fast is our internet? Pretty darn fast. Next up? World domination.