The Atlanta Blockchain Meetup

Topic 1: Basic Securities Laws Considerations in Coin Based Capital Raising

*State of the Industry in Coin based capital raising.
*What is a “security” and why does matter in Coin based capital raising.
*Structuring pre-ICO and ICO offerings to be securities laws compliant.
*Common mistakes and best practices in coin based capital raising.

Topic 2: The Tierion Network and how to blockchainify all your apps

*What is Tierion.
*What is PoE (Proof of Existence).
*Use cases of PoE and how to use Chainpoint Proofs.
*How Tierion’s Platform works.

Location: Atlanta Tech Village
3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Date/Time: Starts around 6:30pm, please come early to network.

Trezor and Bitcoin Giveaway:
If you recorded your answers at Nov 9th’s meetup you are eligible to win a trezor or other prizes. Make sure to come to the meetup so we can record your answer to some bitcoin related questions for the Bitcoin Black Tie Event. You must show up in person to record your guesses. We will be giving away multiple Trezors and a Bitcoin lump sum at the Bitcoin Ball – Black Tie event as well.