Atlanta Startup Village

Join us in person & on Youtube Live for ATLSV on October 25th!

Atlanta Startup Village is a fun, informative, and inclusive forum for networking and feedback. A selected group of new or emerging startups get 5 minutes to pitch their business, with time for Q&A to discuss roadblocks, opportunities, and get feedback. This group is focused on startups, not just technology startups to broaden exposure and realize that all startups use technology and can benefit from one another.

Who’s presenting?

  • Our AI machine will match you to your dream home
  • Cartet: Stop losing shopping carts you spent hours curating!
  • iOximeter: Smartphone Pulse Oximeter | Health and Safety
  • Nullstone: Launch apps on major cloud providers in minutes
  • Knac: Unlock better hiring decisions. We have a Knac for that