Why Founders Get Fired, And How To Prevent It

Event Description

The Founder-VC relationship can go very well, or very badly, depending on the expectations and perspectives that both parties bring to the (Board) table. Founders often get great advice about how to raise money and find customers, but little about how to navigate the nuances of choosing and interacting with their investors so that, as their companies grow, they can stay as respected, contributing members of the team.

This workshop will include actionable tactical advice and strategy for:

(i) understanding where the main tension points are between founders and VCs

(ii) diligencing VCs to avoid those with the worst reputations

(iii) ensuring transparency and alignment as everyone fulfills their fiduciary duties to their stockholders.

Key Takeaways

  • Rich vs. King: Kings and VCs don’t mix
  • Coaching vs. Undermining: You want VCs who will coach you – diligence with them before closing
  • Avoid “Captive” Advisors: Find trustworthy advisors (including lawyers) who are independent from the money
  • Legal Strategy: Balanced boards, voting control, and the importance of truly independent directors
  • Plan for Succession: New management should be recruited transparently, with founder involvement, to ensure trust

About the Speaker

Jose Ancer is a Managing Partner in the Emerging Technology & Venture Capital group of Miller Egan Molter & Nelson LLP, and the author of Silicon Hills Lawyer; the leading startup law blog focused on the South. Based out of Austin, TX and with a national practice, he’s represented technology companies on hundreds of millions of dollars in financing and other strategic transactions, exclusively in markets outside of Silicon Valley; which he considers to be its own world with its own rules, very few of which apply to “normal” tech ecosystems. He holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, where he was awarded a Dean’s Scholar prize in Startup Company Law & Finance.