Fundraising Curriculum: Part 2


Part 1

You’re raising money…how do you know who to talk to? What type of investor is right for you? Friends & family, angels, venture capital?

  • Learn which investors are right for you, what they’re looking for, and how to approach them.

Part 2:

What a great day!! After weeks…months…maybe even years, you finally get an investor term sheet! But what does it all mean?

  • What is a liquidation preference and how does it affect your payout?
  • Cumulative vs non-cumulative dividends?
  • How do I think about board membership?
  • In this class, we will discuss investment terms and then compare two term sheets for investment in a hot tech company – which one would you choose?

What you’ll learn:

  • The basics of a venture term sheet – a practical discussion…not a legal one.
  • Insights into how an investor thinks about terms.
  • How you, as an entrepreneur can think about the trade-offs between terms…and understanding their impact on economics and control.
  • How to understand and calculate payouts upon exit to the entrepreneur and investors.

Scott Lopano: As the Associate at Tech Square Ventures, Scott assists in sourcing, diligence, fundraising and deal execution for the funds. He also supports the current portfolio companies on strategic initiatives, financial analysis, and operational responsibilities. Additionally, as TSV is the fund manager for Engage Ventures, Scott maintains the above responsibilities for these funds and portfolio companies as well.

Ned Hill: Ned is a part of a group of passionate, top-tier, entrepreneur-inspired technology-finance geeks that launched the Venture Banking Group at Signature Bank. Ned leverages 25+ years of experience as an operator, consultant, and investor in technology companies, including 15+ years as a venture capitalist.