Goodie Innovation Pre-Accelerator Demo Night: Hack The Violence

Goodie Innovation Pre-Accelerator Demo Night is like graduation: half presentation + half celebration. Join tech and mission-driven, influencers, professionals, community organizers, passionate people, family, and friends as teams in our Hack The Violence social impact pre-accelerator showcase their tech products focused on reducing violence.

Inspired by Google’s X Moonshot Factory, we created the Goodie Innovation Pre-Accelerator – a four-month missin-driven tech program designed to launch early-stage startups and tools that help reduce basic need inequality gaps by combining contributions from passionate and committed people, subject-matter experts and skilled professionals. With help from a slew partners, the Fall 2017 Cohort concentrated on public safety with the goal of reducing violence 40% by the year 2020.

At Goodie Nation, we run toward hard problems with a sense of urgency because real people continue to suffer each daily until the problems are solved. We use tech startup entrepreneurship philosophies and methodologies, combined with culturally-relevant tactics, to create change. Like Google X, we aim for 10x impact because suffering is not acceptable to us. Join our tribe as we make things happen.