MMM Webinar Workshop: Limiting Your Exposure

MMM Webinar Workshop Series: Negotiating and Managing your Tech Contracts: Practical pointers for Entrepreneurs

Why Are Company Contracts Important? Contracts can be a value driver or a value detractor for a company. They determine how key relationships either support or weaken the business today, next year, and for any exit or transaction in the future. Set your company up for the highest valuation and most successful sale.

MMM will host a series of webinars demonstrating why contracts are the most important business tool for a company. Mark your calendar for the following special workshop series on “Negotiating and Managing your Tech Contracts”. Each webinar will include additional time for Q&A.

Limiting Your Exposure (Indemnity, Warranties/Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability) — Matt San Roman, attorney, MMM – February 23rd; 10-11:00 a.m.

This session explores ways to use the contracting process to limit liability for customers and other contract partners.