Startup Summer School Session #1 – Intro to Entrepreneurship

Have an idea? Do you crave to build something? Each Thursday this summer, you will learn from the best in the industry about what it looks like to start your own company and how to do it well. The Village is all about growing startups in Atlanta. Our mission is to provide FREE training, support, and guidance to entrepreneurs. Let’s do this!

Intro to Entrepreneurship with India Hayes

How do you know that entrepreneurship is right for you, your family, and your finances? Starting a business is no joke, especially if you are a first time entrepreneur. It requires a certain level of emotional and business acumen that you need to be prepared for. In this course we will discuss the foundations of entrepreneurship, work through identifying your personal motivations, debunk myths, and talk about the pros and cons of a co-founder. It is vital to have a solid foundation before you start to build!

Bio: India Hayes is the founder of the compassionate tech hub Mini City and an alumna of Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon graduation, Hayes worked for organizations like the CDC, Turner Sports and CNN before finding a home at Atlanta Tech Village as their It Takes A Village Pre-Accelerator Program Manager. Hayes knows the importance of clear, effective communication and sustainable efforts. That is why she utilizes her design skills whenever she can for social good and sustainability. She has assisted water aide organizations with tech of social good in places as far as Nicaragua, and participated in hackathons right within her (now) home base of Georgia. In 2017, she founded a tech start up Mini City (2018 Startup Awards Nominee for Best Social Good Start Up, 2019 Startup Runway Winner, Startup World Cup Atlanta Finalist, TEDx Spotlight Speaker); that utilizes ethical tech and sustainable design to alleviate homelessness.

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