Startup Summer School Session #7 – Startup Legal

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Startup Legal with Nick Foreste 

It is imperative that a company’s legal affairs are in order, particularly for an emerging growth company that is likely to face increasingly intense due diligence in connection with its capital raises and its ultimate exit event. The session will address the key issues facing startups, provide expert advice on how to avoid and troubleshoot the common pitfalls, and discuss best practices for structuring your startup for longevity and profitability.

Bio: Nick is a corporate attorney at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, with a legal practicing focusing on venture capital and mergers & acquisitions.  Nick serves in a de-facto general counsel capacity to many technology companies and tech-focused funds throughout the country. Nick previously co-founded a small technology startup and enjoys leveraging that experience, together with his legal expertise, to support emerging technology companies throughout their corporate life cycles: from formation and early stage funding to growth equity financings, acquisitions, and exits.

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