Village Virtual Workshop: Fab Financials

Join us for this Village Virtual Workshop: Fab Financials with Nancy Cox.

About this Event

Leverage the power of financial modeling to level up your pitch & win investors.

This hands-on workshop will guide you through building a strong financial framework and help you hone your startup’s story through the numbers that matter to the people writing checks.

Founders will leave with:

  • Powerful financial modeling framework
  • Understanding of how to create and test financial assumptions
  • Ability to tell compelling narrative with numbers
  • Confidence with financial data and articulating your story

About the Speaker: Nancy Cox is a maker, and competitor, spending her career building systems and teams across many industries (even NASA), but primarily fintech. As CIO/CTO for 15 years, she led tech innovation and business strategy for success in the highly competitive fintech space. In 2014 she became involved in Atlanta’s startup community and discovered “her people”: entrepreneurs. While CTO at Worldpay, she launched the ATDC’s first fintech program in 2015, and also found her new career mission. She joined Greenlight as employee #9, and as CTO scaled this young company to its next level. Now able to focus solely on the needs of entrepreneurs and women in STEM, she has “retired” to spend her time aiding entrepreneurs, through advice, networking, investing, and temp positions – whatever it takes to make progress.