Village Workshop: How to Pitch Like a Thought-Leader

Join us for this Village Workshop: How to Pitch Like a Thought-Leader with Stefanie Diaz.

This event will be in person limited to 10 attendees with masks required.

Stefanie Diaz is the Host of She Conquers Capital and an Executive Coach to those who challenge the status quo. She is also experienced at screening angel and venture capital deal flow. In this workshop, she applies the thought leadership principles from her public speaking career to the process of raising capital. Learn strategies for establishing authority, differentiating your message, and leaving a lasting impression when pitching to investors.

About the Speaker: Stefanie is the Founder & CEO of Powered by Verve, an investor relations firm focused on helping companies engage their existing and potential investors. She is Founder & Host of the She Conquers Capital Podcast and WOE | The Women Only Experience Atlanta-based event series. Contact Stefanie for advice on raising capital, crafting your pitch, connecting with investors, building community, public speaking, hosting events and anything to do with overcoming doubts and fears.