Winning your first 10 customers – Customer versus product focused selling!

Acquiring your first 10 customers is hard, well to be honest, it is very very hard. Come join us for this three (3) week series of interactive conversations to help you develop a plan to close your first 10 customers.What tips, tricks, creative approaches can you use to win your initial users and turn them into raving fans. Remember in sales, 2nd place is the 1st loser!

Session focus – Customers want to buy products and services that solve their problems. Roundtable #1 will discuss how to sell solutions, not features.

Bio: Steve Bachman is an ATV and TechStars Mentor with 35+ years’ sales experience selling and leading sales teams that have closed over $1B in sale. He has helped close the first 10 deals at all his own start-ups as well as helping dozens of start-ups close their first 10 deals since running and selling multiple products and services companies to the likes of McAfee, NetIQ, Ca and others and bailing from his chemical engineering program after a class trip to the sewage treatment plant and scaling sales for his band in college.