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Blockchain-powered Systems – From Pilots to Launch

Now that Bitcoin has crashed back to reality, what are we really going to use BlockChain for?

What is Blockchain good for? Who are creating apps now, and why? 91% of banks invested in BlockChain in 2018, but what are they building? What does it mean now that NIST is making BlockChain recommendations? With 14x as many job listings for BlockChain skills as qualified applicants on LinkedIn, AND demand is expected to triple, is this a skill I should look at closely?

Want to find out more:

Title: Blockchain-powered Systems – From Pilots to Launch

When: Thursday Jan 17 from 6-8pm

Where: ATV Community Room

Cost: Free with promo code BlockchainATV

Register: https://wtf.123signup.com/event/registration/rfgxh

More information below if you need it …

Blockchain-powered Systems – From Pilots to Launh

Blockchain is set to disrupt many industries, from finance to transportation to healthcare and more with a wide range of applications of distributed ledger technologies.

Did you know:

  • $2.1B is the blockchain spend in 2018, to move from proof of concept to deployment; and set to grow at 42% YoY until 2022
  • 14x as many blockchain positions advertised for every 1 qualified applicant, with LinkedIn postings tripling this year
  • 91% of banks are investing in blockchain in 2018, 70% see blockchain as a way of creating new business models and entering new markets
  • 50% of transportation executives are interested in Blockchain, but do not know how to apply it

This session will investigate how blockchain can be harnessed to make the user experience more efficient, affordable, and secure.


  • Anna O’Brien, Program Director IBM Watson Blockchain
  • Hrishi Talwar, Vice President Equifax
  • Stacey Schneider, VP Provide Services
  • Dylan Katz, Founder & VP InphoChain
  • Chip Standifer, CTO Virtual Design

Top Innovator:

  • Robert Hatcher, Founder and CEO, SoundCollide

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