ONLINE women + tech meetup

This month we will be trying something fun and new. We will be doing virtual networking with Ice Breaker. You will get paired with 4 different people and have 7 minutes to network with each of them. There are fun questions you can ask if you run out of things to talk about but who knows, you may meet your new business partner or best friend! All you have to do is click on this link right at 12:00pm EST and the fun begins!

Ladies of Atlanta, it’s time to come together to make the phrase “Women in Tech” obsolete! Join us as we openly discuss personal and professional growth, challenges in the workplace, community involvement, and whatever else is on your mind. Our Village can be the one to make women in tech the status quo.

Second Wednesday of the Month

12:00pm – 1:00pm

BYO Lunch

To empower women in tech through a kick-ass network, intentional teaching & purposeful community because it does take a village.
Our goal is to make to Atlanta the number one place for “women in tech” (because clearly it’s not Silicon Valley).