It Takes A Village

The Mission

It Takes A Village is Atlanta Tech Village’s diversity and inclusion initiative which emphasizes the importance of supporting diverse perspectives and inclusive work environments in technology.

The Purpose

“It Takes A Village” means an entire community with different skill sets, backgrounds, and cultures is needed to produce the most productive and innovative companies.

The Pledge

We pledge to have honest and open conversations about how we can work together to support startups and organizations led by women and people of color.

The Approach

  1. Education: Providing informative workshops.
  2. Resources: Provide Access to Community, Capital, and Mentorship
  3. Community: Support Organizations that Supporting You.

The Pre-Accelerator

With an overwhelming number of competitive applicants, we selected 11 startups to participate in Atlanta Tech Village’s first ever Pre-Accelerator Program as part of our “It Takes A Village” initiative.

Our Pre-Accelerator Program gave these pre-seed startups led by women and people of color the opportunity to gain direct access to community, further education, mentorship, office space, and capital.

At the end of first program startups raised a combined $200K in seed investments, $85K in Revenue, 3 received pilots with enterprise companies, and 2 were given offers to be in an accelerator program. Read More about the program HERE

The Events

Twitter Chat

It Takes A Village: Twitter Chat was an online forum aiming to amplify the importance for diversity and inclusion in the technology industry while bringing together the global startup community to contribute solutions.

Finesse Your Funds

Finesse Your Funds was a panel discussion highlighting diverse founders who have hurdled the obstacles of raising funds by using non-traditional methods such as pitch competitions, initial coin offerings, crowdfunding, and grants to jumpstart their business.


Her Perspective

Her Perspective was a fireside chat with women leaders in the tech industry sharing their personal experiences and stories on overcoming stigmas, stereotypes, and unconscious bias.

Let’s Talk

Contact our Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Justin McLeod at if you are looking to get involved!

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