Amateur Sports Just Got Awesome- Village Spotlight (VIDEO)

As a community, Atlanta Tech Village is only as great as the sum of our parts. Lucky for us, we have some pretty amazing people within these walls. Our Village Spotlight gives us an opportunity to introduce you to folks who are working on some incredible things, have become an integral part of our community, and demonstrated our values in a tangible way. This time around, we have chosen Moxie Sports.

Moxie Sports is the simple, social way to communicate with your sports team or league. They are a private social network obssessed with simplifying communication in amateur sports. No matter what type of involvement you have in amateur sports, they provide a solution that easily connects the right people, organizes the correct content and simplifies every facet of the communication process – all in one app!

Moxie has two fearless leaders- Jeremy Slutzky and Roman Grimaldi. Both are former athletes who have a big vision for solving a real problem in amateur sports. They are hard working, smart, super likable guys who are always willing to lend a hand, play some ping pong, and have some fun. They also have killer dance moves. Moxie Sports is one of the many reasons I love my job.

World, meet Jerry and Roman from Moxie Sports. And then sign up for their beta HERE!