Life as a Villager

What exactly does life look like at Atlanta Tech Village? With 103,000 square feet, 900+ members, and over 260 startups, we have a vibrant community of entrepreneurs. While no startup story is the same, our members are like minded in their quest to build, innovate, and seize every opportunity. We are friendly, we are supportive, and we like to have a good time. There are no stuffy corporate rules here, but a building full of resources that will help you scale and bring your startup to market.

Without using more words, this video is a short glimpse into the life of a Villager. Follow Jerry (real life Villager, co-founder of Moxie Sports) as he begins his first day at the Village. He utilizes our mentors, practices his pitch, meets his co-founder (Carmyn, Founder of PostFav), moves from a Reserved Desk, to an office, to a corner suite. He scores some major funding, and celebrates with a rooftop party. Yes, this actually is what Village life is like. These are real mentors, investors, and entrepreneurs. This story line has happened multiple times over our short 2.5 years of existence. So watch, enjoy, and be inspired!