The Jetsons: From Prediction to Fruition

Did you ever think the Jetsons had a side hustle in fortune telling? Well, it sure does look like this futuristic cartoon had some kind of insight.  The series first produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1962, was set 100 years in the future in 2062. Yet here we are only 55 years later and life is already looking pretty Jetson-like, thanks to technology!

From prediction to fruition, let your mind be blown…



Thought you’d never catch the game on your wrist, did ya?  This Blue Maize TV watch will definitely come in handy during that 3 hour piano recital that happens to fall during the National Championship. Knucks to dads everywhere.



Well, say goodbye to your mailman, the paperboy, and to your dog going ballistic every morning.  Pretty sure I just saw a bunch of trees hug each other, too.



Roomba meet your great, great grandmother.  Been keepin’ cartoon floors clean since 1962.



Will the real alarm clock please stand up?!  “Yes, but I don’t have legs.” – Siri



Reality is…we need to look put together for conference calls now but you’ll never have to miss your nephew’s 1st birthday again!



While we aren’t body surfing at light-speed through tubes yet, we are doing about 370 mph (on the Japanese maglev L0 Series) in a train! Which kind of looks like a tube?  Point is, we are pretty darn close to just hopping into a tube and going for it.  (Side thoughts – will this affect our hair?)



Remember how unfair it was that the Jetson kids could have spaghetti without having to wait for the water to boil?  Well, excuse me while I go print myself a steak.  That’s right 3D printers for the win!



For the price of $552.99, you never have to awkwardly chat with the neighbors while being walked by your dog again! Lazy or genius? You be the judge.



Ohhhh, we’re halfway there! And I’m pretty sure, I’d be living on a prayer trying this gadget out.  While we aren’t flying to work yet, by the time 2062 hits, I have no doubt driver’s licenses will be prehistoric.



Right now you have to be in the .0001% to own one of these puppies, but the point is, you can actually own your own flying car. WHAT, they exist!? Yeah, my exact reaction.

All in all, I think George and the rest of the Jetson family would not only be proud of us but slightly jealous that we get to live this life outside of the TV.  In a strange way, this little comparison game should validate the dreamers and doers.  Anything is possible if you dream big.